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Leading Article
Russia,s Representation in the Nobel Pantheon: the Sociocultural Component of the Prizes Held and Failed

During the one hundred-and-twenty years of the Nobel Prize, it remains the highest recognition of achievements in science, literature and peacekeeping. In connection with the special position of Russia in the modern world, an analysis of its representation in the “pantheon” of the winners is highly relevant. The chronology of the Nobel Prizes served as empirical material, in which the authors reveal the ever-increasing sociocultural, including geopolitical, component in the fate of the prizes that have and have not been awarded. 

Vardan G. Torosyan, Natalya K. Tyma

Young Scholars’ Platform
Heroes of American Comedy Films of the 1990s as a Reflection of the US Culture

The article presents the results of a study of the 1990s US comedy heroes as the embodiment of American culture. The aim of the study is achieved using a hermeneutic approach to cinematography with a subsequent analysis of the behavior and appearance of the typical heroes of US comedy films of the 1990s on the material of the films True Lies, Dumb and Dumber, and Liar, Liar. The study is based on a comparative method that allows correlating the movie characters, methods of analysis and synthesis. Relying on Paul Ricoeur’s hermeneutic approach, the author interprets the actions of the film characters through the ideas of project, motive, agent, and intervention. The hermeneutic approach provides an opportunity for viewing comedy films as texts, and film characters as symbolic elements of cinematography.

Vladimir N. Bedenko

Young Scholars’ Platform
The Domestic Practice of Adapting Latin American Telenovelas (On the Example of Not Born Beautiful)

The article uses the example of the transformation of Latin American originals by structural and functional analysis to consider the principles of transferring the plot to a different cultural environment, their dependence on the local mentality. 

S.V. Luzyanin

Young Scholars’ Platform
Dell’arte comedy mask functions in opera «Pagliacci» by R. Leoncavallo

The objects of the study are the functions of the masks of the comedy dell’arte. It is proved that masks are understood by the composer in their late, aristocratic French style. 

Zheng Xujun

Cultural studies
The Problem of the Culturological Dimension of Sport as a Sociocultural Phenomenon

The article analyzes the current situation with the culturological scientific understanding of the sociocultural phenomenon of sport, and actualizes the related problems. Arousing the well-deserved researchers’ interest, this phenomenon is considered in the absence of justified methodological instruments in the field of culturological knowledge. In the various dimensions of sport proper, sociological, political, philosophical and many other approaches, the sociocultural phenomenon of sport acquires different, sometimes opposite meanings.

Mikhail K. Naidenko, Elizaveta A. Naidenko, Anna V. Tonkovidova

Cultural studies
The Cultural and Existential Situation of the “First Buddhism” and the Modern World

Modern humanity has entered an era of deep crisis. On the one hand, it reached unprecedented heights of civilization and culture, but, on the other hand, the limit of the very possibility of its further existence was openly revealed. The consciousness of the unattainability of world history has created a problematic situation, intensifying interest in the history of the spiritual culture of humankind. A special place in these searches is occupied by the worldview of the “first Buddhism”. The core of the Buddha’s teachings is the way to overcome the cycle of life and ensure the fusion of the personal human soul with the Universal. Having been knocked out of the caste-determined society and forever losing a return to the world of lost well-being, the Buddha understood that the main obstacle here is the karmically deterministic cycle of life. It was necessary to find means to overcome it. The Buddha finds these in spiritual self-improvement, ultimately ensuring the fusion of the personal human soul with the “breath of Cosmos”. 

Boris P. Borisov

Cultural studies
The Ideology and Sociocultural Landscape of Russia: Images of the Future Statehood and Civilization

The relevance of the study of the problems of the interaction of ideology and culture is due to the entry of humankind into a new era of understanding its own purpose, as evidenced by the planetary anthropogenic catastrophe caused, according to some experts, by the pandemic of the artificial coronavirus, when the fruits of scientific research returned like a boomerang for earthlings. 

N.G. Denisov

Theory and History of Art
Interdisciplinary Synthesis of Theory and Practice in the Moulage Modeling of Costumes

The relevance of the topic lies in the importance of the skill of costume modeling, which contributes to the expansion of the boundaries of creative consciousness, the formation of the design conception, develops an understanding of form and space, a good eye and dexterity in creating elegant lines, fancy details and products. The authors conducted a study of the complex shape and cut of the dress from the Alexander McQueen collection by the moulage method of modeling on a mannequin. 

Irina N. Ivashchenko, Ulyana D. Vasenkova

Theory and History of Art
Sound as a Dramatic Factor in the Film Interpretation of Anton Chekhov’s Story “The Black Monk” (USSR, Germany, 1988, Directed by Ivan Dykhovichny).

Based on the analysis of the feature film The Black Monk (directed by Ivan Dykhovichny, music by Temur Bakuradze), the article discusses the role of sound represented by music and noise effects in revealing the concept of the film interpretation of the same name story by Anton Chekhov. 

Timofey V. Eroshchenko, Tatyana F. Shak

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